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Our services help companies find, attract, and evaluate one of their most important resources; People

Our services focus on your most critical questions and opportunities within search & selection of talents and top leaders. 


Through our portfolio of services, as well as our deep industry and functional expertise, we help you find and evaluate top talent and leaders who make a real difference in your organization. We provide insight to help you make informed decisions so that you can build an organization that exceeds expectations, inspires employees and grows in line with established strategy.


The cornerstone of a successful process, independent of service, is our understanding of your company’s market, position, strategy and culture. The choice of solution depends on the organization’s needs in relation to the challenge the company is facing, as well as other conditions.


In many cases, the client himself finds relevant candidates for the position. This often happens through your own advertising or network. We are often set to consider a final heat of internal candidates in competition with external ones to get an objective third-party assessment. Not without reason. Based on our experience, many incorrect appointments occur precisely in the case of so-called “friend appointments” among managers and middle managers in an organization. The advantages of using us are the security an objective assessment gives both the internal and external candidates, as well as for the immediate manager or the board.

Board Director Hiring

Board work is a significant responsibility. Changed case law, critical media and increased focus on corporate governance have contributed to a change in the framework conditions within which Norwegian boards work. This places new demands on increased competence, diversity, and continuous improvement of the board’s composition.

Recruiting to boards is comparable to traditional recruitment and selection processes, but has some additional elements: Potential conflicts of interest, questions of competence and not least results from other board positions must be clarified. The candidate is also assessed against the existing board composition.