Do not leave success to chance - we help you to reduce uncertainty in personal assessments.

Through our offices in Oslo and Tønsberg, we work with our clients as one team with a common ambition to deliver exceptional talent and leaders. We complement our tailor-made processes, integrated expertise with a vibrant network to deliver better, faster, and more lasting results.


Through our portfolio of services, as well as our deep industry and functional expertise, we help you find and evaluate talents who make a real difference in your organization. We bring insight to help you make informed decisions so that you can build an organization that exceeds expectations, inspires employees, and grows in line with established strategy.

Our Approach

There are many factors to consider when hiring a new leader for an organization. Conflicts of interest in the board and management are often fertile ground for a skewed start. With us, you will have an impartial mediator, adapted to the needs of all stakeholders with a focus on reaching agreement on the goal. By offering a focused, efficient and communicative process, we help you keep all relevant parties informed and engaged, while ensuring that each candidate receives a complete and fair assessment. The end result is a final decision made with the trust and support of internal and external stakeholders.

What we believe in

Our mission is to help clients reduce the risk associated with personal assessments and thus deliver better and more lasting results. Through individual behavior, we live our core values, and they serve as a basis for how we act and make decisions. We do it through:


We are constantly search for new and meaningful knowledge and insights, both professional and interpersonal.


We have fixed, unaffected attitudes in the face of the environment. We try to be consistent in what we believe in, what we say, what we do and what we are morally committed to.


We have a consistent, structured and accurate approach in everything we do, in line with the company's established concepts, frameworks and guidelines.


We use collaboration for positive development of the relationship between our clients and candidates.