Job-seekers – advice and tips

Application requirements

  • First and foremost, it must capture the employer’s attention.
  • It should be a clear confirmation that you have read and understood the job description.
  • It should provide a good argument to show that you are the right person for the job.
  • It must not bear any marks of being a mass-produced application – customize!
  • It ought to be short and should be a presentation of you and your motives for applying.
  • Use short sentences – that makes it easier to read.
  • It must be evident that you are motivated and qualified for the post you are applying for.
  • Preferably, make a telephone call in advance and ask questions about the post, in particular to ask about what is being given emphasis in the selection process. Use this information in the application.
  • Have other people to read the application before you submit it.
  • Do not write any more about yourself than you believe the employer is interested in knowing in the first round.
  • The application, qualifications and your motivation should get you an interview. Whatever you have to say beyond this can be conveyed during the job interview..

Acquire an overview of the industry

  • Get to know the industry in order to show understanding and insight regarding the company and the business.
  • Use your own network, the Internet and news media as sources of information.
  • Gain an insight of the company`s customers and what´s of importance to these?
  • Gain an insight of the present situation in the industry, its characteristics and any changing constraints.
  • What are the competitors doing, what is their market position?
  • Is the company a market leader or challenger within the industry?
  • Gain an insight into financial key figures for the company and the most important players in the industry.
  • If you have any ideas about market strategies or future prospects for the industry or products, please do tell!

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