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Clients – advice and tips

Skill and experience are crucial in recruitment work
Personal Utvelgelse carries out assignments for enterprises of which we have experience and understanding, or where our experience and understanding are transferable to other industries.

One adviser follows the entire process
The adviser appointed to you, or by your choose, will be responsible for the entire selection process, including research, interviews, tests and reference checks. In some cases, the responsible adviser will involve other advisers in parts of the work, particularly if it is relevant with regard to networking skills. The responsible adviser is always responsible for the operational implementation.

Norms and values
A recruitment partner becomes an ambassador for a client and an extended arm for attracting the best candidates to an enterprise. PU will always represent clients in a professional manner.

Timescale for the recruitment or search process
The timescale will vary depending on the type of post, the company and the process selected. An estimated timescale for a search assignment/management selection is 8-10 weeks. Advertised processes are normally concluded 14 days after the application deadline.

Confidentiality and integrity
Personal details are dealt with in confidence and kept secure in line with current legislation. PU has a duty to report to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority. We never headhunt candidates employed by existing clients.


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Contact us
Do you have any questions relating to an appointment process? Get in touch with us on tlf +47 91 90 40 40 or post@pu.no.